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A solo play Call of Cthulhu mini campaign. No Keeper is needed as you guide yourself through the adventure. Alone Against The Dark is an. Alone Against The Dark is an adventure for one player, set in the fall of If you add Alone Against the Dark to your cart, the Alone Against the Dark PDF. Alone Against the Dark - A solo play Call of Cthulhu mini campaign. fault for not having a better pdf reader but I feel at least some bookmarks.

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Alone Against The Dark Pdf

Call of Cthulhu - Alone Against the Dark () - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. juego de rol. Alone Against the Dark - PDF - Chaosium Inc. - Beacuse horror is always better alone. - £ Alone Against The Dark is an adventure for one player, set in the fall of . Investigator Sheet from www. (note that PDF versions of the.

Please log in to add or reply to comments. It passes my acid test for great fiction: I never want it to end but and perhaps it is my fault for not having a better pdf reader but I feel at least some bookmarks would make me a lot less dizzy scrolling through the pages and having the locations and the character sheets as separate documents would make it easier to tab between the two without scrolling. I've hit a snag. For example, if I arrive at the Arkham Advertiser 60 at noon and just use the phone can I be at another Arkham location by 1PM, allowing one hour to travel to another location on the same location table? Or do I automatically spend a minimum of 1 hour at a location, which would mean the earliest I could be somewhere else would be 2PM? Same with the Bank 3?

Locations specific instructions for travel time record keeping will be found also may contain data obtainable only by a visit; such in pertinent entries.

Local calls Note any losses of hit points or magic points on the calendar, can be made, while long distance calls are not available. Make a habit of studying the calendar or journal to see when those points can Equipment and Supplies be regained. Hit points regenerate at one point per day. Figure In search or research situations rifling rooms, quizzing that most run-of-the-mill items can be gained, write down any suspects, examining library holdings, etc.

Try to avoid buying topic costs one hour.

Against The Dark changes. Those points will be indicated in the Lacking cab, train, boat, or plane, be reasonable in how much text, and instructions given. All items can be left safely for the day in a hotel room or vehicle.

Food and Sleep If an investigator dies in a private place, a succeeding Investigators must spend time every day to sleep and to eat. A meal always number and making a successful Luck roll.

Each investigator lasts one hour; the two meals of the day must be separated by an can pass on property once in a game; for obvious reasons, an interval of at least six hours. On the calendar, circle the hours so investigator cannot inherit from himself or herself. Fail the Luck spent. Conveniently, meals may be obtained at any time during the roll or die a public death, and any property is out of play. If your investigator is unable Use a notebook or scratch paper to record anything pertinent to eat, the meal periods must be spent resting, with the same loss during the investigation.

Keeping a note of your current entry of time. He or she loses I hit point for each day of fasting. You The entries are numbered consecutively from 1 to All entries d may wish to make a note of any particular equipment or weapons present information in the same way.

The entry number is in large bold numerals. Special instructions for time keeping or travel may be given. Then the entry may elaborately describe a scene or briefly have survived and succeeded.

Though desirable, that outcome is comment on a situation, or merely refer you to a second entry. Be prepared to lose several or all of the investigators, 5.

Alone Against the Dark

After that, the entry might instruct you to go to and even to run all four several times in repeated attempts to a certain entr y, or ask you to choose an action u complete the scenario. Investigators do not exist to survive, but to battle great forces, win or lose. This signifies that your investigator is doomed, not The Location Tables pages lists specific locations for that the adventure is over.

Activate the next investigator in a particular locale, such as New York. Nine location tables exist. Write a headline for your review here: Write your review here: Your email: We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. It is a classic scenario that follows the formula of pre made investigators with the option of creating your own from scratch if you wish.

Each section is numbered and skill checks and decisions could take you where you may or may not want to tread as per classic UK gamebooks of the eighties, with the added complexities of the CoC system.

Highly recommended if you have no group to play with or if you just want to test out the mechanics of the system for yourself. Mr Mason has done a great job of editiong and updating the adventure. Good product but be prepared to deal with design flaws Posted by Michael on 6th Jan I purchased the PDF and printed it immediately because I do not have a Call of Cthulhu game group. I enjoyed Alone Against the Flames but was clamoring for something a bit more involved.

I want to rate the quality of the scenario itself three stars, but I'm giving it a one star boost simply because the product exists. Quality products of this nature are very rare in the industry, I am sure because they take a tremendous amount of added time to design, write, and edit.

The good: There is a lot to like here.

Alone Against the Dark - PDF

Probably the most important aspect is that, yes the PDF is linked so that you don't have to spend time flipping pages if you want to do it electronically.

I've found about a dozen or so links that don't work and will eventually go back and find them. I should have written them down as I went. The handouts are both nicely designed and useful. You really need to print them out. Handouts, of course, relate to clues, and I feel the narrative does a good job of presenting a wide variety of information freely and a wide variety with skill roles.

There is a nice array of red herrings and at some points things were referenced that I hadn't come across at all, revealing the richness of the investigative base. One last thing that I will say, trying not to spoil, is that there is a very obvious triangle puzzle that you start out cutting out at the start of the game so it isn't really a spoiler.

This puzzle is the true set piece of the adventure and I found it to be very well designed. There were points where I thought I had it figured out, but the clues related to it were just vague enough to invite missteps. I'm a big fan of customizing the characters with skill points.

This brings with it critical decisions at the beginning of the game that are basically life and death. The first PC is very clearly designed to start you off strong. If you are thinking about "The Holy Trinity of CoC" skills, read the scenario intro carefully, because one of them is not suggested and isn't used.

I think this is important because skill points really isn't a lot given the breadth of skills required in the scenario. I don't see how someone could possibly complete this scenario with just the starting character without foreknowledge of the narrative or extreme Luck pun unintended.

I mean, if it wasn't difficult, it wouldn't be CoC. But there is such a thing as the right "kind" of difficulty, and I will discuss this below. Part of what made this a day-one purchase for me is the record-keeping. This may sound strange to some gamers, because they may ask themselves, "Why would I want to keep track of days and hours?

There is a downside to this that I will get to in the "not so good. You need to manage your food consumption, your sleep, and your time. Compound this with the fact that you really don't know how much time you have to accomplish your overall task or what that really is and you really are in the head of a person who is investigating. There are deadly aspects of the scenario that are somewhat predictable and sometimes surprises.

That is an overall strength. I had a very brief exchange with Mike Mason about this on the basicroleplaying.

Alone Against the Dark - Chaosium Inc.

If no time is specified for the location description, does the travel time account for my time there, or is there always a standard one hour that happens at a location? And then how does this extend to eating in the middle of the day? If the more conservative way is the expectation, eating lunch is an incredible waste of time:.

By the literal rules, you have to spend three hours eating lunch, not one, because of travel time.

Or, is eating included in the travel time? I know I could probably just "house rule it" and decide what is reasonable. I just don't think three hours to eat lunch in a small town like Arkham is reasonable. See page 7 - About Time - usually 1 hour for conversations, 1 hour for travel time in unspecified entries.

Alone Against the Dark

It attempts to mirror reality somewhat, so stopping for lunch does take time just as in real life. See same page - Food and Sleep - for accounting for breaks. I played the year old version and it is a great scenario with an interesting plot, good connections between the characters and some very creepy moments. Now also available on Fantasy Grounds, the virtual tabletop: A lot of necessary information is include in the introductory chapter.

The "combat" section does not identify a "hit points to use for thugs encountered. My personal opinion is that the key to enjoying AATD, or any solo scenario, is to know when to fudge it and to know what will be fun for you. I can't tell you how to feel about your sense of fair play. For me, I don't consider it unfair to just decide that this steward has 10 hit points an average person and play accordingly. The key factor for me here is that you feel "stuck" when you could be enjoying yourself and it wasn't due to any decision you made, but unclear text.

It should be fun! Solo scenarios are ambitious endeavors with so many moving parts and one of the challenges of them is that we sometimes have to help the author out just a tad and allow for the fact that these endeavors have errors. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!

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