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Deep Voice Mastery 2nd EditonBy Rudy Haynes 1Table of Contents 1 - About the Author 2 2 - Introd. Deep Voice Mastery Ebook Review - read this review to discover reliable information about a guidebook to have a deep voice. Deep Voice Mastery reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of #3 - ebook: Men's Guide to Dating Women #4 - Members access.

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Deep Voice Mastery Ebook

Looking for a deep, powerful voice that can fill a room? Look no further! This post goes over the best method you can use to finally get a deeper. The Deep Voice Mastery is an eBook that has been created to help you transform your voice. The product provides the best techniques one. Deep Voice Mastery; Reviewed by: Michael Smith . This is an ebook and it reveals ways to know your confident level and what you should do.

Published by Lawrence on July 10, The short answer is yes, you can get laid with a deeper voice. Studies also show that a deep voice is more memorable. Soon enough, you too will be swimming in the juices of that lady who has been ignoring you. You can achieve a significantly deeper voice with Deep Voice Mastery in approximately weeks of following the step-by-step program. A deeper voice demands respect and subconsciously communicates that you are a person of authority and value. Another simple way you can deepen your voice without any work on your part literally is by abstaining from masturbation. It has been widely reported on online forums and communities like Reddit that people have unlocked a deeper voice simply by not watching porn or masturbating. Give it 30 days and report back with your results. You may find it hard to keep it up for the first week or so, but once you make it past the first week, it becomes much easier to maintain abstinence. Lastly, a deeper voice will almost guarantee that you are less likely to be taken advantage of, or taken for a ride. People will know not to mess with you and they will be more likely to take you seriously and give you the time of the day, especially if your deep voice is accompanied by a solidly built stature.

It held. I was careful at first. I was conscious of my posture, and talked with a measured response around people until my deep voice became second nature. I practiced everyday, morning and night — talking to myself in a deep, loud voice while shaving, getting dressed, making food, and so on. Remembering to keep good posture really aided the transition from my high-pitched, squeaky voice to my new deep, masculine voice. It was a constant cue in my memory www.

Deep Voice Mastery

If you can relate to my experience, you too, can have a deeper voice. There is hope. I can guarantee you that if you do the exercises outlined in this ebook, drink plenty of water, and practice, your body will learn to adapt to a deeper voice. My deep voice gave me the confidence I needed.

I went off to college as a man, not the boy I once was, and let me tell you — my new found confidence and hard work paid off in the female department. The web of stereotypes the media has sewn has clouded society, and the pressures of the past and present have collided, blurring our view of masculinity. Nowadays, it is not unusual to have a man stay at home while his wife goes off to work, or to come across a man that enjoys being in the kitchen; some professions are no longer female dominated, such as teachers and nurses.

But with no clear definition of masculinity, the only characteristics that define a man are physical attributes — characteristics that not all men are blessed with due to a little thing we call genetics. You wish you were a little bit taller. You wish your physique were more toned and muscular. You wish your voice were deeper. You may not be able to change your height, or your bone structure, but there is one thing you can change, and that is your voice.

Because if you can deliver a deep, clear, masculine voice, you may not need to worry about all the www. If you can talk the talk, you can walk the walk. The vocal chords are a muscle group, and like any other muscle in our body, they have the ability to stretch, grow and strengthen.

The vocal chords are responsible for the tone and pitch a person speaks. They form the raw sound, while the mouth and tongue form each specific word. If your voice box is stressed, the muscles are too tight — causing your voice to have a higher pitch. The key is to train www. Try it yourself: Create a humming sound. Notice the sound change as you tilt your head up, and then tilt it down with your chin close to your chest.

The results indicate that as you tilt your head up, the humming has a higher pitch, and once you tilt your head down, the humming has a much lower sound. The reasoning is simple: when you tilt your head up, you are stretching the vocal chords, tightening them. This test proves that if your vocal chords are tight, they cannot produce a deep, low voice. Here we go… What happens when we develop and tone a muscle? A strong muscle is able to do more work with less effort. If we strengthen our neck muscles, the vocal chords are able to relax within the toned group of muscles, holding up our neck and head.

In order to get rid of it, you have to strengthen the abdominal muscles. This is because the toned abdominals are holding their shape, resisting the push of your organs even when relaxed.

The abdominals are thicker, and you no longer need to consciously tense them. The sternocleidomastoids are the neck muscles that will strengthen and enlarge as a result of the following exercises. Below is a chart that outlines the best exercises to help strengthen the neck muscles: Exercise Neck Lateral Resistance Muscles Worked Works all neck lateral neck muscles Execution Hold one hand against the side of your head.

Use your hand to resist the movement as you try to touch your shoulder with your ear.

Deep voice mastery ebook review - does Rudy Haynes's book work?

Hold this posture for a count of 5. Neck Rotational Resistance Works all neck muscles Hold one hand against the side of your head. Use your hand to resist the movement as you try to rotate your head to one side until your chin is lined on top of your shoulder. Neck Forward Resistance Works all anterior neck muscles Hold both hands against your forehead. Try to move head forward, but resist the movement with your hands.

Neck Backward Resistance Works all posterior neck muscles. Place both hands behind your head. Try to move head backwards, but resist the movement with your hands. Don't tip chin. Hold this posture for a www. You will be amazed at how well your muscles respond in size and tension.

In just a short time, you will have a deeper voice. You will need to maintain this change in order to make it permanent, but not as often as at first. So this product is focused on natural steps you can take instead.

Deep Voice Mastery, 2nd Edition

Some of them might seem quite obvious, like drinking plenty of water, whereas others are exercises that you likely haven't seen before. There aren't a great number of exercises here, just a handful, and you'll need to do them consistently to increase your chances of seeing results.

This product isn't a magic pill solution, so it's going to be up to you to get into the habit of setting aside a few minutes throughout the day to practice. Things That Could Have Been Improved It would have been great if there were videos included of the exercises to see them performed properly. One of the exercises involves hanging over the side of the bed and doing a certain neck movement for reps and sets.

I thought I understood it, until it said to change sides when you're finished. From how I was picturing it, I have no idea how you could change sides.

Video demonstration would have made things so much clearer. There's really not much to the main book, and it feels like it was put together in one afternoon. It's only 36 pages long, and that's including pictures, really large typeface and some wide margins. There's a number of mistakes that haven't been corrected and overall it's just a pretty sloppy product.

So when you see how little content is included, it may feel like you aren't receiving much value. And possibly that's true. The only way to know for sure will be to do the exercises for a sustained period of time and note the results you're getting.

The ideal way to do this would be to record your voice before you start and then once a week thereafter to see what progress you're making. There's also voice tutor software advertised as a bonus.

When I installed it, it said that it was designed to measure the pitch of singers and instruments. Not sure if it has any practical implications for deepening your voice, as the software didn't work.

Taking a further look, it says it's designed for use on Windows '95 and '98, and when you see the installation process it's clearly some relic software. Even if you can get it to work, it's only for evaluation purposes and you're limited to ten uses of it.

Pretty disappointing and a case of misleading marketing. In this e-book, Rudy Haynes offers a number of techniques and exercises to help men of all ages attain a deeper and more baritone pitch in their voice.

The tips, tricks, and techniques presented in this course are easy to use. Not only will you learn how to develop a deeper voice, but you will also learn about the anatomy of your voice box and vocal chords.

You will even learn how to avoid putting a strain on your voice and attain a lower pitched voice naturally and permanently. How Does it Work?

Deep Voice Mastery Review: How Much Deeper Can Your Voice Get?

He claims that the voice is something that can be permanently modified with the help of proper exercises and techniques. When you download your membership, you will gain access to a 9-day plan that will provide step by step techniques to change your voice.

Rudy also goes over the 10 step system to give your voice flexibility and prevent it from cracking while you talk and the 3 step voice training to find your own unique low pitch.

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