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    For Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland on the PlayStation 3, GameFAQs has 4 FAQs You can write and submit your own FAQ or guide for this game too!. Identifier: artbook_Atelier_Rorona_Totori_Art_Book. Identifier-ark: ark:// t Ocr: ABBYY FineReader (Extended OCR). Does one exist outside of video format? It's significantly easier to refer to a text guide or walkthrough, and it feels redundant to slowly watch.

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    Atelier Rorona Walkthrough Pdf

    Got a Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected] Atelier to Tori Guide - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Atelier Totori: Adventurer of Arland - FAQ/Walkthrough. 2. Videos for Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland that provide walkthroughs, tips and other help to get you through the game.

    Make sure you take Iksel to Ortoga Ruins to get his second unique item. You can load from this to get the Millionaire Ending and skip playing the first 2 years. Your answer will be the gender of Hom, your helper and Homonculus. So make sure you do a few of her quests asap. She is your source for the best Water in the game. I suggest you bring a lot of multi-use weapons and healing items such as Healing Bells, Elixirs, Blitz Symbols and so on. Drachemeister for giving me expansion ideas and helping everyone on the forum. Must keep up the good work Extra Skill — Usable when battle affinity reaches 5 uber skill. Air Drop — Leads to Area 7 7. She is located at the top of Factory Way. Fruitful Land 4 — — 5 6 taelier. Rorona, being the sweety she is, steps in to save the day despite being completely, wrong as usual.

    While performing item synthesis or drilling, special skills can be used to affect the process and outcome. Escha and Logy possess the same skills. Disassembling Edit At some point in the game, Escha and Logy's workshop will have a Dismantler installed in it.

    This machine is used to analyze and disassemble relics that are found in the field via Field Event. Event after a relic is disassembled to an ingredient, it will keep its traits. Battle Edit The battle system will feature a switchable party members during battle and the support system from the previous Atelier games.

    Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland – Guides and FAQs

    The player can use up to 6 characters in one battle, three in front and three characters in the rear guard. Character in the front and the character closest in the rear guard, can support each other by for example protecting the character or do a follow up attack. However, support actions costs a certain amount of the "Support" gauge. The initial formation can be changed outside battle, but by moving around the battlefield it's possible to change the formation during a battle as well.

    Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland – Guides and FAQs

    Commands such as special assists or protecting supports performed by characters in the rear guard will result in that the formation is changed, as the character performing the action will be moved to the front. Items Edit Items can be bought, created, gathered, or obtained from events. To be able to use items outside town, they must be equiped. Equiped items cannot be turned in for quests unless they are unequipped.

    If an item is to be delivered, it's not required to equip them. Once the player returns to Colseit, the items number of uses will be restored if they have been used. Both Logy and Escha can use usable items in battle. By choosing the "Item" option during Escha or Logy's turn, the player will be able to choose an item to use.

    When using "Double Draw W Draw " the player can choose items for both Escha and Logy to use, and between their actions of using the choosen items, one or several support attacks can also be commanded. Events Edit Several event scenes takes place in the game.

    If an events can take place in a gathering area, a "! Maugar You might want to make a back up save here in case you have issue dropping popularity and friendship in the last few months. This means you need at least 8 small stars. Cordelia is in the Town Square as well. She needs love too.


    Completing this will trigger a scene between Esty and Rorona. The crafting of ingots and cloth is essential for getting better weapons and gear. Walkthroughs for Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland Tant will be unavailable for a short while before returning to apologize.

    Once you defeat Sumi, the dragon will attack Sterk and hurt him. Normal Ending Year 2, walkthrougj 1 — When you go adventuring you will automatically run into him. Fruitful Land 4 — — 5 6 9. Bring Iksel so you can get his unique harvesting item, Mystery Mushroom. Witch Salve 50 1. The next day you will give the gem to Cordelia.

    Make an effort to uncover as much of Orthogalaxen as you can as two recipe books are here: Beast Graveyard 8 — — 1 7. Walkthroughs for Atelier Rorona: When Rorona drops below 1, her fail rate increases. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. This will help you with managing damage.

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