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11/26/ · THE MASTER CODE BOOK CARL MUNCK PDF - Carl Munck The Code. likes · 2 talking about this. Carl Munck - The Code. 18 Jan “The Code” by. Carl Munck - The Code - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. not in the dictionary, and that the libraries and book stores had nothing about it. [Joe's note - is a master Giza longitude] Carl suspected that. Carl Munck - The Code supplementary information.

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The Master Code Book Carl Munck Epub

Download The Code of the Ancient Gematrian Numbers. In , long before The Bible Code became popular, Carl Munck discovered what is now considered the oldest code system on Earth. This code is seemingly . Explanation of The Code of Carl Munck and related ancient Gematrian certain herbs, dreams that could put them in closer touch with Creation's master plan?.

He also drew in sine waves connecting the numbers, which seemed to be suggested by their logic. The suggestion of sine waves, Carl said, is very, very obvious. Did the ancients know about sine waves? Did they have oscilloscopes? Were they suggesting a certain frequency? A Frequency of Light Carl was shocked when he multiplied the two Gematrian tangents: 3. That's the pyramid codex talking! He asks, "Why does the square root of five answer the sine waves of the Sacred Numbers? What was the reasoning behind it? Carl points out that the speed of light in a vacuum is

Each of these points are 18 degrees between the Gematrian numbers, such as 18, 54, 90, , , , and Check this against the number , to see it has the same tangent. For example, add a zero to to get , or insert a zero into for Notice also that the "in-between" numbers also add to nine or a multiple of nine, and are divisible by nine.

The numbers often show a repositioning, such as and the reverse, an in-between point , and Such is the odd nature of Gematrian and Gematrian-related numbers. Various designs, such as the Star of David, fit with this "Wheel. Remember too, that divided by 6 results in , feet in a mile. Carl points out that these numbers were also used by the ancients, and the tangents are the square root of three again, excluding the top and bottom marks.

For my part of this article, I will speak of the various numbers in terms of the "Wheels," explained above. If a number fits on the ten-part "Gematrian Wheel," meaning it is evenly divisible by 36, I will term it a Gematrian number. But, keep in mind that this is just my personal convention. Others may not consider certain numbers, such as , as being Gematrian.

If a number, such as , fits on the Part Wheel, but not on the Part Gematrian Wheel, I consider it Gematria-related, as being an "in-between point" on the Gematrian Wheel. If an established convention existed, I would use it instead of my personal system, but such a convention is not available at this point.

At a later time, I will present a possible Part Wheel. Following Along - Checking for Gematrian Numbers Keep in mind, as you read on, that when a number is listed that ends with an even number, and adds to nine or a multiple of nine, it may be a Gematrian number. If it divides evenly by 36, then it is one of the Gematrian numbers in my system. You can also verify it by entering the number on your calculator, and checking to see that the tangent is equal to 0. The tangents are both positive and negative numbers, but we will ignore that, for the most part, in our study of The Code.

The above is true when the ending number is 2, 4, 6, or 8. Some Gematrian numbers end in a zero, such as Larger Gematrian numbers that end in zero, such as , also have a zero tangent, but you can still check it by removing the final zero or zeros, and checking the tangent.

For the number , remove the zero and check the tangent of to see it is Taking the Stonehenge latitude number, , as another example - take off the ending zeros and check the tangent of , to see that it is 0.

Some Gematrian numbers have other special attributes to them, which we will point out on these pages. As Michael mentioned, is the diameter in miles of the Moon, and is the number of years in one Zodiac Age.

Another example is As you see, the numbers are related. The twelve Zodiac Ages of years each, total years, for one grand circuit of degrees.

Carl Munck - The Code

No one knows the source, but there are a number of theories, such as the existence of a high culture like Atlantis in pre-history, or that extraterrestrials interacted with humans long ago and taught them the system. Some believe the system to be simply Creation Numbers used by God or the gods. If that seems farfetched, well. The great accuracy of The Code holds true only with the latest satellite mapping coordinates. Carl says the plates of the earth have shifted a bit since some of the sites were built.

Since, "The Code" shows accuracy within yards, the question is, "How did the ancients know how to do this. Many years ago, the ancient sites were not located at the same coordinates where we find them today; so, whoever devised "The Code" must have known where the sites would be located in the future. I have some evidence, which I will share later, that dreams impart some of the same numbers to people in their sleep. The ancients may have built the pyramids and other sites based on their dreams and visions, while perhaps not really understanding the overall system to any great extent.

Another plausible theory that I favor is that a crop circle phenomena occurred in the distant past, and that the ancient peoples built the structures upon the crop formations. Crop circle researchers have pointed out that most of the crop circles in England appear near ancient sites, sometimes right next to them, such as the Spider Web formation near Avebury in , the Julia Set formation next to Stonehenge in , and Koch Snowflake near Silbury Hill in The researchers also say that the ancient sites are located at crossing points of dowsable "ley lines," and that the crop formations also appear on these points.

In one case, a pattern similar to The New Jerusalem Plan, based on the vision of Saint John in Revelation 21, was detected in a crop formation. The same pattern has been "dowsed" within certain ancient sites, such as Stonehenge and Avebury.

The dream also gave me the info on where to look and a strange set of music wheels, which later turned out to be a most important piece of the puzzle. He in turn gave me the phone number of a man named Carl Munck!

Well, the rest is history, or should I say ancient history. He explains where the Biblical story about the fish in the net John 21 came from. As a source, he refers to John Michell's City of Revelation. The story was taken from prior Greek works, which demonstrated names and numbers which were crafted to reflect geometrical diagrams with cosmological significance.

Carl Munck - The Code | Longitude | Latitude

In the Biblical story, then, Simon and his other six fishermen correspond to a circle with six interlocking rings with a central circle inside. This also forms an six-petal flower-like shape inside the central circle, like "The Flower of Life.

This is the "NET" in the story. A vertical measurement is and the horizontal is Also, this note is extremely close to the number , an ancient Pythagorean story problem that we of "The Code" have solved. Found in The Bible, John Chap 21, Jesus returns from the dead and mentions this highly significant number to some of the apostles. Remember too, that was one of Carl's "sine wave" numbers - not part of the ancient systems he had found, but a "fill-in" number to complete the order of the sine waves.

Mason In an article appeared in a crop circle journal, written by two German researchers. By measuring and analyzing the various distances of the crop circle formations, they discovered that ancient numbers were revealed.

They did not use the term "Gematrian," but the numbers are basically the same. Other crop circle researchers have noted the significance of the number nine in the crop formations. Nine and multiples of nine show up in dimensions, angles and distances between crop formations and various sites. Carl Munck has written a few articles about the crop circles and possible Code connections.

I have found a number of connections, other than the ones noted in the above article. For a number of years the Mayan Daykeeper, Hunbatz Men, has been speaking about great earth changes coming.

He said the prophecies indicate that the changes involve a "DNA repair. While searching the internet for information about various the subjects in these articles, I found a page that speaks of Crop Circles and Mayan Time.

In a "Grid" crop formation appeared, which may be related to the Mayan system. We will be presenting all this information on these pages in the weeks and months ahead.

Gary is learning about The Code and the Gematria number system, but he has extensive experience in working with numbers and codes. We find Gary's input of great interest. There are a number of similarities to ancient Gematria, such as the number nine "revealing itself.

She has been quite helpful in presenting these pages in various ways. Joseph E. Equally 'impossible' - at any rate for a people like the ancient Egyptians who are supposed to have known nothing about the true shape and size of our planet - is the relationship, in a scale of 1 : 43,, that exists between the dimensions of the Pyramid and the dimensions of the earth. Setting aside for the moment the question of whether we are dealing with coincidence here, it is a simple fact, verifiable on any pocket calculator, that if you take the monument's original height This is an underestimate by just 11 miles of the true figure for the polar radius of the earth miles worked out by the best modern methods.

Likewise, if you take the monument's perimeter at the base Moreover, although miles sounds quite a lot, it amounts, in relation to the earth's total circumference, to a minus-error of only three quarters of a single per cent. Many things have changed over these three years. Our original group of "Code" broke up, in that we seldom exchange information as we did in the past. There is still some communication, and various other interested individuals have shared information about number systems and related matters.

Jerry Iuliano contributes advanced scientific relations to the ancient numbers: Jerry Iuliano Index Robert Grace kept extensive archives of e-mail exchanges and other material: Impossible Correspondence William Downie has shared his findings: The New Bible Code The Second Coming of Jesus Christ William Bill has found that there is a code within the New Testament wherein letters of the English language are designed to be read as numbers.

He also demonstrates how various numbers are associated with certain geometric shapes, such as triangles and snowflake fractal designs.

Norma Smith has been inspired to develop an extensive theory of the alpahnumerics of the English Language: Universal Harmonics and Universal Harmonics Analysis December 7, Update Minor changes to the text of this article were made. All links were checked and dead links were deleted. Extra hyperlinks were added. A controversy started years ago that relates to these pages -- specifically the articles by Michael Morton.

I learned second-hand that Carl Munck was critical of Michael's coding methods. I gathered that Michael was skipping one of the first steps most of the time. I did not want to be the "judge" of the argument, so I did not make any related changes to this site. For the time being, Michael's writings will remain as is, but keep in mind that they fall short according to Carl. I may remove Michael's writings in the future.

Munck The Work of Carl P. Miami - Home of the Mayans? Stecchini Why Study Metrology? In such cases, as in some of the articles below, he has posted his c copywrite message. The articles can be shared, but please include any copyright statements with them.

I've been studying the work of a man named Carl P. Munck since the early s, and I'm convinced that he has read and decoded a clear, obvious, redundant, intelligent communication.

Munck during the s. Munck has received well over 'rejection slips' from various publishers regarding his detailed and compelling work. He has therefore self-published his work. The breakthrough involving the structures on Mars happened in the very early s when Munck, Richard C.

Hoagland, and Erol O. Torun were collaborating. Torun is a professional cartographer, having worked for many years for the Defense Mapping Agency this agency's name was changed about two years ago, says Torun. When Munck applied Torun's map numbers to this hypothetical Martian prime meridian, everything fell dramatically into place.

Giza and Cydonia, in several ways, could now be seen as true 'analogues' to one another. And is exactly 4 times Again, Munck recognized a probable 'Grid Longitude' of Cydonia As Munck says, that's "a nice Pi-multiplex"!!! This resulting figure is called the Grid Point Value : Notice the following terms, or "entities", in this equation : In arc-degrees, this is equal to This is an irrational number, just as the Pi constant is an irrational number equal to.

Of course, "our" math conventions have arcdegrees on a circumference!!! We are being shown, assuming we are able to read it, the Pi constant, the Radian deg constant, the number , and the number It is blatantly and wonderfully obvious, according to some brilliant work that has been "ignored" and suppressed, that we have already found unambiguous evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Munck for calculating Grid Latitudes and Grid Longitudes, and the ratio greater-than-one being Grid Point Value for a given site or structure. I discovered these figures in and , and I've sent them to Carl P. Munck and to others. I then applied Munck's system. Rennes Le Chateau Grid Longitude 28 deg x 52 min x Greenwich longitude translates to 02 deg 15 min Bethlehem At this site Bethlehem , I hold out the possibility I don't want to get into ALL of the details, here, as to 'why' I'm proposing a probability of two in this case as opposed to one, but this is just to say that I propose two here, at this time.

Grid Longitude 04 deg x 03 min x 54 sec E. Greenwich longitude translates to 35 deg 11 min In addition, this shows a "direct connection" between the birthplace of the historical Jesus Christ and the exact location on Mars of 'The Face' Cydonia. Grid Longitude E.

The Code of the Ancient Gematrian Numbers

Wood and Ian Campbell. Further note on These are his harmonics for "theoretical maximum lightspeed" And, the known arc-distance on Earth from pole-to-equator is exactly nautical miles. A 'next logical step', here, would be to go into the Grid Latitude of Stonehenge And more, as well. Of course. And, you can 'be on the alert' for them after you learn a little bit about them.

So, Joe, you keep right on 'dreaming' your math. If anyone gives you any static about it, shove this under their eyes. I've had it all mapped out here for years. It is verifiable.! Joe's 'dream' math Where does he get it from? Is there some cosmic input at work today which is manipulating - or programming - some of us in new directions?

I have asked myself that question time and again as I ponder what is unfolding before me, before certain others.

I have had to. My lack of seniority soon squeezed me off the bottom of the Extra Board and I found myself out on the street. That's no fun when you are 48 years old and living in Endsville, U. You gotta be kidding! What the hell do I know about pyramids?

No man, find a PhD for that job. I ain't qualified Get lost. I'm going fishing.!!!

The master code book carl munck pdf

Well, it kept coming, night after night after night. One hasn't suffered cosmic inspiration until one has tried to sleep through such a mental bombardment for a few weeks. There's only one way to get out from under it: Give in. So, I did it.

What 'force' was it that kept Hannah pouring over gematria for most of his life when he was unable to make sense of it? But he kept at it, waiting for me to come along as it turned out. Why does Bill Cote B. Video, N. He must know he could make more shooting skin flicks and the other garbage that is so desired in our sick society.

Obviously, it is HIS calling. But who 'called'? Enormous talent that has been somehow 'directed' along a very different path. Why does Colette Dowell, a struggling girl haunted by unusual experiences, so devote her time and sparse funding to the investigation of crop glyph phenomena?

Why does Madelon Rose Logue continue to map out magnetic anomalies when the establishment couldn't care less about the subject? Richard Clark continue to look for those doorways to other dimensions when they can't find a nickel's worth of funding to help them along? There is something beyond our own experience guiding some of us - even pushing us - and w are powerless to deny it.

It is a force for truth and the quest for it in this world of lies and deception, like a last ditch effort to sustain mankind toward what it CAN be when rid of all the ignorance and suppression which has held us all under its heel over the ages. Must be it's up to the likes of us to find it - once again? I think we can see what's going on here Many are 'called', but few are chosen.

Where have we seen that before?

As I was preparing this article, I happened to see a web page that had this line: "Sufis have used perfume to create etheric visions. Mohammed himself was very fond of perfume.

A particular perfume can create a particular dream.

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